Though I had turned my back on my psychology degree in pursuit of my dream of singing success, it was my very singing, or more accurately, inability to sing with ease due to crippling stage fright, that led me to EFT in search of setting my singing voice free to its greatest potential.

EFT provided a tool with which I tapped out the vast emotional baggage of the past.

During this time I told the Universe that if A BATTLE was all music could offer my life, music was over for me.

There was immense grief in letting go of the dream. Music took a back seat and my life as an EFT therapist began.

As I tapped out well concealed areas of Not-Good-Enoughness, Self-loathing, Non-deservedness, Shame and so much more, my hunger to live with purpose and passion intensified.

Tiny ideas for action began to emerge.

Rather than try to see the end result, as I’d always done in the past, I began taking the tiny steps being presented to me, trusting that I was being guided, yet not quite knowing how these random steps could fit together logically.

This was the huge step from ‘Doing’ to ‘Being’; from ‘Controlling’ to ‘Letting Go’, to trusting that the Universe knows far better than me how to live with passion & purpose.


Neasa x

Neasa De Baroid is a singer, performer and an EFT Practitioner in Cork City

How my voice led me to EFT and back to myself
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