What to expect in a one hour private treatment:

There are three ways of taking a private treatment. In person at my rooms, or from the comfort of your home/office by phone or by Skype. International clients have equally effective treatments through Skype

Once I have established what issue you wish to clear, we use a related affirmation while tapping the body points. You, the client will tap on yourself. I guide you by tapping on myself. With the help of some detective work in the form of questions we stir the knowledge that your subconscious already knows upto a conscious level. Remember, you have lived through all of your experiences. While we cannot retain ALL past information in the conscious, we do retain it in our storehouse or subconscious mind, and it is from this place you stimulate the subconscious knowledge upto a conscious level by tapping out the blockages in your body’s energy system. Sometimes you will access past emotions that you have buried within, which may be necessary if repressing them into your body is the very thing that is keeping you stuck.

EFT removes the trapped emotions completely from where they have been stored at a cellular level. A treatment includes talk therapy so the trapped issue being discussed is being literally ‘tapped out’ of the body’s energy system. Clients will often ask, in awe, ‘Can that emotion, which I’ve lived with for years, really be gone after tapping’. And the EFT miracle is Yes.


How EFT differs from Psychotherapy:

From my psychology training, traditionally we have looked to the mind as the cause of our problems. EFT however recognizes another stage between the mind’s thought, and the resulting reaction, and that is a disruption in the body’s energy. And in my belief, the proof of any theory is in its results.

With psychotherapy the client gains understanding of the causes of emotional difficulties and the new behaviours they’d like to have. EFT, in addition, offers us a tool with which we can literally ‘tap out’ the repressed emotions and traumas from our body so that they no longer need to be stored within our cells, or mentally managed by us. They simply feel ‘gone’. Clients often describe it as though they were now watching the event on a movie screen, but it no longer has the emotional drag on them. Changing behaviour seems to happen naturally. Progress can be fast, often weeks or months instead of years.


**Please Note: about Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT**

Anyone suffering from diagnosed psychiatric disorders, taking psychoactive medication or undergoing treatment with a counsellor, psychologist, psychiatrist, outpatient department should ALWAYS consult with their care providers before starting any new form of treatment.


Private treatments: €63.00 & Workshops: €43.00:

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