Sick stomach, reflux. Anxiety. Workshop attendee, Jean. 11-08-’08

I had been experiencing a sick stomach and reflux for six weeks. I believe it was anxiety related. From the day of your workshop I have healed my stomach and it never returned. I also felt elated after the morning’s tapping, and learning about how to move my life forward.


Kelley Lonergan, Professional Opera Singer, Voice coach, Royal College of Music, Dublin. Teachers & professional performers Lecture. 13 May 2013

EFT is an amazing tool that every musician should have. I was almost crippled with stage fright before my first MA recital and when I felt the same familiar nerves coming back before my second recital, I spoke to a friend about it and she recommended Neasa. It was so powerful in such a gentle way, with Neasas help I got to the root of what I was truly afraid of in one session. Two weeks after my first EFT experience I did my second MA recital and I was completely free of stage fright which allowed me to fully enjoy the recital and reach my full potential. A year later I attended Neasa’s EFT workshop in Voiceworks Studio and was really impressed with how she was also able to guide and teach a large group of people in an informative and relaxed manner.


Veronica. Workshop attendee. 22.11.’08

Thanks for a wonderful day on Saturday last. It was Fantastic. I’ve done lots of workshops, and this is up there with the tops. I’ve never had deeper meditation. I’ve benefited hugely from your workshops. Many thanks.


Lack of confidence. Workshop attendee, Mandy

Thank you so much for sharing the power of EFT with us on Saturday. You have such a wonderful way of explaining and making people feel ‘at home’. Please text me about any other workshops you’re doing. Thanks again.


Gemma Sugrue. Co-Director Voiceworks Studio, 8 North Mall, Cork. 16.05.13

I am co director of Voiceworks Studio, a vocal tuition and performance centre and we invited Neasa to host one of her EFT workshops in Voiceworks Studio for teachers and students in June 2012.

My business partner Laoise O’ Hanlon and I experienced the benefits of EFT therapies with Neasa when we went to her as individual performers. We both found it to be a truly effective way of dealing with the psychological blocks that can manifest in singers and performers. We noticed similar themes and issues in vocal students we coached in the studio and ascertained that EFT therapy, rather than vocal training would be the appropriate way to deal with these issues in the same way if someone was having a vocal malfunction we would refer them to consult with a medical, usually an ENT (ear, nose and throat doctor) or laryngologist.

The workshop we ran in June 2012 was very successful with many of those who attended arranging to see Neasa on a one to one basis afterwards. Many of our vocal coaches attended the workshop and now use the technique in their class when appropriate and we can recognise when a student may be in need of the therapy privately with Neasa.

We’ve noticed huge improvements in several students who have attended Neasa’s workshops and one to one sessions. These students are more open and available to learn and progress in their voice lessons and perform with freedom and confidence in concerts and exams that continues to progress and grow with every positive performance experience.

Voiceworks Studio recognises EFT as an important, and in many cases, essential tool to help learning and enhance the ability to perform. We are delighted to have met Neasa and envision a very important association between vocal coaching and EFT at Voiceworks Studio.


Lily. Workshop attendee. 22.11.’08

I really enjoyed the first workshop, so came to the follow-up one, which was even better again.


Workshop attendee, Deb. 02.11.’08

Thank you for a very interesting and informative workshop. I really enjoyed the meditation. I think I must have released lots of negative energy.


Workshop attendee & private sessions, Shauna

Tapping was something I felt sceptical about. Neasa said “Suspend judgement”, which is what I did, and was I rewarded. It was like falling in love, only this time it was with myself and the resulting feeling is both strong and calm. I have been given a gift to literally tap away the blues and I can choose to do this anytime I like. I am sometimes still amazed at the power of EFT and the freedom it has given me. I would have held an ongoing stiffness in my body that now has just ebbed away. I am a regular tapper now and I love it. Neasa, you were just so meant to do this work. I think you are beyond fantastic and words cannot fully express my thanks.