Cutting-Edge therapy for Performance Anxiety, Stage Fright, Exam nerves, Fear of public speaking.

June 2015 – Paula – Self-confidence, social anxiety

My brother’s wedding went very well. I didn’t feel remotely self-conscious being there solo and I had a lovely time. Thank you so much for your help in making that possible. You’re a true life saver. I feel so much better about myself after our session. It’s been the key to transforming how I view myself and life. You’re doing amazing work.


16 May 2015 – Marie – Exam anxiety:

Hi Neasa, I had my graduation. My final exam to become qualified!  As you know I had previously sat the same exam 5 times with no success. During the 3 Skype sessions with you I was able to overcome this fear of failure and replace it with a sense of determination.

Such a great weight has been lifted for me. I definitely felt a spring in my step and was much more calm and determined on the way to it and inside in the exam hall.

I found it really useful to talk through the day of the exam with you so that we could identify times of that day where panic would set in and we could tap through it. This enabled me to get through the day calmly and concentrate on the questions in the exam.

After the exam and just before the exam results were issued I was far more hopeful than previous exam sittings and was successful with my final exam. I would really recommend a session with Neasa. Thanks again.


Kelley Lonergan, Opera Singer, Voice coach, Royal College of Music, Dublin. 13 May 2013

EFT really has changed my life!!! I put a large percentage of my success this year in competitions down to EFT. I tapped everyday picturing the perfect outcome and I ended up winning four singing competitions and over €18,500 in bursaries!!! Thank you so much for teaching me to achieve my full potential!!! And for helping me overcome the “seven pages of terror” before Christmas 🙂 It all went really really well in the end and I was delighted!


Hannah Connelly, Saxophonist. 30th Jun 2014

Hi Neasa, It’s Hannah, the sax player you saw before my exam at the start of the month. I got my results and I was delighted to hear I got a first class honour! Results aside, I felt that I performed really well during the exam. I was quite relaxed which was great because I could focus on the music and on giving my best performance! In all, I’d say I only had two blips throughout the whole exam but I didn’t dwell on them or let them affect my performance. I really felt that the session helped a lot with my nerves!


Performance anxiety. One treatment. Denis. 29-11-‘08

By the time I left you, my worry about not giving a good lecture, and about people thinking I was a fake somehow had disappeared. When you did the visualisation with me, and got me to identify the feeling I would like to have in front of that group, and how my lecture was received, it’s exactly how it happened on the night. Thanks so much Neasa, you’re an Angel.


Damien Flynn, Tenor. 5 December 2014

“Was so pleased with the session and it translated into my performance the next day. I was relaxed, confident and sang very well! Had another show a couple of nights ago in Kilkenny and relaxed even more and believed even more….and out it came! Thanks again Neasa and I love my “anchor” I keep doing it!!!”


Driving Test Confidence. One treatment, Ken. 09 October ’08

God, Neasa. This EFT worked miracles. I realised I had feelings that it would be unfair to those gone before me who hadn’t passed if I passed. I also had a belief running that NOBODY passes first time. I was anxious that I wasn’t an experienced enough driver to keep calm, and not panic, if something went wrong. I tapped all this out in just one hour session the morning of my test. I just wanted to get on with it and felt sure I was capable of doing this. I answered the questions very confidently, a Good start, then drove smoothly, and fairly knew I was going to pass. And, you know what…I did. It’s done something else powerful for me. It helped me realise that inner old beliefs can spoil our ability to give our best. I realised that within one hour I could change that belief forever. Now I want to tap out other beliefs that have limited my life to date. Thank you.


Ken Marshall, Teacher & Performer, CIT, CCSM, GlenEagle school of music & concert band

I have witnessed and experienced the powerful effect of Neasa’s EFT therapy for many years. From the miraculous healing of my Dad’s sciatica and later a large facial cyst awaiting surgery (4 treatments and cyst was gone, surgery cancelled) to passing my own driving test 1st time. She also cured my mother of psoriasis when months of medical intervention and various steroid creams had failed. The power of Neasa’s EFT really is quite remarkable.

I have seen 1st hand the effect it has on some of my own music students who, when preparing for examination or performance suddenly, despite all your efforts as a teacher, crash!. One student, the night before a big talent contest (which would be his first ever public performance) just froze, lost all coordination and quite simply couldn’t even sound a note. I called Neasa. 30mins of EFT later not only got his performance back on track but was playing better than I ever heard. He went on to win that big talent contest.

The success stories are too numerous to recount. Suffice to say, Neasa’s own unique approach to EFT is something I will always recommend and endorse to not alone my music colleagues, but anyone I come into contact with.