Baby digestive & sleep problems. Emily. 1 treatment. 13 April 2010

I brought my son from Offaly in the midlands to you for EFT around four weeks ago. He’s only 6 months old I wasn’t sure if it would help but, as you know, I was at my wits end from lack of sleep and listening to my poor baby crying in pain from digestive problems. He had a difficult birth, with hours of pressure. Little women having big babies is a recipe for disaster. His head was very tender and still hadn’t taken its proper shape. You tapped on the pressure and fear he felt while trying to be born.

My little boy has transformed. After leaving you that day both myself and little Conor went home and slept for two hours. That evening I did that tapping as you had showed me, and put him to bed. Our usual routine had been up every couple of hours, as he spent the night tossing, turning, and crying, and generally very unsettled. You will not believe what happened; he slept a full twelve hours, and so did we , and since then he has slept every night, and during the day he sleeps for two hours morning and afternoon. It’s a miracle. He’s such a happy boy now and never stops smiling and laughing. It was immediate change, which I didn’t expect at all, as I’d tried Reiki and massage, but was told it could take time for results.

I cannot thank you enough as it has given both me and my husband our lives back. It also means we can work on our marriage, as lack of sleep and stress put a huge strain on our relationship. We now both tap ourselves as well as on the children. It’s like a huge weight has been lifted. As well as that, my mother-in-law, who is a very skeptical woman, asked me yesterday to show her how to do EFT as she is unwell and was amazed with the change in her grandchild.


Depression, and many other old programmes cleared. Jenna April 2010

I began to suffer from depression quite suddenly and unexpectedly in the context of a happy and successful life. I experienced a complete ‘shut-down’ and felt exhausted and haunted by sadness. It was like I was on one side of a glass wall with my old life and everyone who cared about me on the other side. My GP prescribed anti-depressants and I saw a psychologist, but wasn’t really feeling much relief from either. I then tried EFT and it worked for me in a more immediate and profound way than I could ever have anticipated.

I work in the medical profession, and all my understanding of illness prior to this was firmly anchored in science. I had always been quite sceptical of alternative therapies, but thankfully I gave EFT a go. After 2 sessions, I understood that the source of my depression had been deep in my sub-conscious. Once I had located the source, the depression lifted and it was the first time I knew I was going to be OK.


Anxiety, terror, violation. Julie. May 2010

Such peace is new to me. EFT is the best thing that happened my life. I tried councelling for four years…and nothing. Thank God for you Neasa. I need to sit and tap with peace. A profound change is taking place.


Alcohol addiction. Fergus. November 2007

I write from Galway where I reside, from where I was sent down to Dublin to spend six weeks in rehab and although they dealt with my alcohol addiction in the moment, the underlying cause still remained and was left with me. Having attended lots of AA meetings, it became clear to me that everyone of those people had their own story as to why they went down that sorry path. When things went seriously downhill in my life, I drank simply to numb the pain of living. It started off with just one drink to take the edge off the pain, but before long I required more and more. I couldn’t function without it. With no self-esteem, I was ashamed, scared, and hated myself and, still unable to stop, I was living in hell.

I’d tried 6 months councelling. Being forced into Rehab was a blessing which worked for a while. I came out, and was left to deal with reality. My safety net gone (alcohol), I hadn’t the tools to cope. Slowly I slipped back into numbing the pain. I knew I was on a dangerous path and losing my family. While I was very skeptical of EFT, I was on my knees begging for someone or something to help me. Life was intolerable for me and for those around me, so I concluded it would be better all round if I was no longer here, and the conclusiveness of those thoughts was so vivid they began to frighten me. With a choice of life or death, I chose life. EFT gave me that lifeline, and I grabbed at it with both hands, and clung to it. From the very first session I began to see a hint of value in myself. Through EFT with Neasa I found I was a very strong person who could overcome this disease. Neasa always seemed to know what to bring into a session to break through, and sometimes used deep meditative states, energy healing, and other healing modalities like NLP, visualizations, and inner child work. I also began to deal with my past and the reasons that brought me to this very dark and lonely place.

The changes in my life are phenomenal. Today, 16 months on, I am a much calmer, content, happier person, and I have so much gratitude for the world around me and my family. No longer filled with anxiety, if I have to deal with a difficult situation, I now know I have the tools to draw on my inner strength, to enjoy and to appreciate my life.


Nose bleeds. Child with 4-5 bleeds per day. 1 treatment. 20-07-2008

He has had no nose bleed episode since your treatment and is enjoying his holidays. Thank you.


Panic Attacks. Workshop attendee, Hailey Murphy. 10 September 2008

Hello Neasa, Since your enlightening workshop on EFT, so many things have moved forward for me in a very positive way. I have always tried to see life in a light hearted way and have, over the years, used some different techniques to remain so. Since I began touring with my band in 1989 I suffered from panic attacks, sometimes so severe I thought I was on the way out or going totally insane!! The symptoms began in my neck almost like a choking sensation and developed into breathing difficulties, muscle cramps all over my body, feeling of terror and isolation, a truly horrific experience.

This continued for several months and at times I couldn’t even leave the house. I then spoke to other people suffering with panic attacks and found different ways of controlling my fear, ie. hypnotherapy, different breathing techniques, positive affirmations, and over the years the panic attacks lessened and my life started to take shape again, but every now and then they would return. The day of your workshop on EFT I was stressed and anxious. At one stage when you were working with another girl I could feel the panic rising but within minutes of doing the tapping and saying my issue aloud, I could physically feel the fear leaving my body and a feeling of complete relaxation took its place!! When I left the workshop both my daughter and myself felt elated and very tall! My daughter even looked taller! Since then I’ve tapped every day apart from 2 days, for at least 15 minutes, depending on the issue to be dealt with. I have been much more focused and relaxed about family issues that would usually have me up in a heap emotionally, made peace with my dearest brother who I hadn’t spoken to for a year!! I have been to three interviews for the job of my choice in the last week, and been offered two of them so far! and most amazing of all my panic attacks are completely gone since the workshop.

I understand so much now what you said about seeing people in the street etc. and some of them look so sad and you want to change that!! I feel the same thing, what goes through my mind when someone is sad, upset or lost and in pain or simply having a bad day, is ‘TAP IT OUT’!!!!

Thank you so much Neasa. Hey do ya think we could tap the rain away any time soon!!! Love and blessings.


Phobia-Spiders/retribution fears/sexual abuse. Mary. January 2009

As a 6 year old child I was taken to an underground site, full of headstones next to a graveyard and was sexually and mentally abused for a number of hours. By mentally abused, I was threatened that if I ever told who the perpetrator was my family and I would go straight to hell. I escaped, and it was discovered as I was bruised and shaken. My family with the advice of professionals felt it better not to dwell or discuss the event as it would only serve as a reminder to me, so the perpetrator got away scott free. Full of terror, and unable to talk about it, I suppressed all memories of that day from my mind and unconsciously transferred my fears to something tangible – Spiders! The mere mention of them would have me feeling so scared I would feel they were crawling all over my body. I would be rigid with fear. When one came into view I re-lived the terror of my trauma. My fear became overwhelming so I felt I was in danger. My heart would race and my only thought was to get out of that place, which I now associated as being unsafe. As years went by more places were out of bounds for me, clothes lines, garden furniture, sheds, attics, stairs. Even an open window in my bedroom was impossible. It was taking over my life with panic attacks. I was always on high alert looking out for one, and days were spent trying to recover from seeing one.

I had tried a number of ways to overcome my spider phobia including councelling and acupuncture, but upto recently nothing worked. EFT was recommended by a dear friend. What I really liked about EFT was that it did not expose me to re-living my terror. We discussed and tapped it out in a very gently and kind manner, and I came away after just one session I knew something had shifted. My obsessions with spiders was gone, just like that. It’s a wonderful feeling being free of the fear that I’d had for over 30 years. Just being able to hang clothes on the line reminds me of a sense of joy and freedom – I can even open my bedroom window at night. But, much more than that, with more treatments, it has helped me lay the ghosts of the past to rest, and get on with my life. EFT is now part of my everyday life, as it takes me just a couple of minutes in the morning before work, and it maintains my well being. I am truly grateful to Neasa and EFT for giving me the whole of my life back, a life no longer full of fear and retribution, but rather of hope, health, and awareness.


Sciatica. Brendan. Three treatments. 02 October ’08

I’ve been in agony for a month. My doctor had me on painkillers and anti-inflammatory medication, and physiotherapy. I was worn out from the pain, and the worry that I wouldn’t be able to take that trip with my son the following weekend. I was told to be patient; (easy when you’re not the one in pain); that Sciatica takes months to heal. The pain level from 1-10 when Neasa asked was a 9. Within one 3 minute tap, the level was down to 3. Neasa wasn’t happy to leave it at that, so we tapped two more rounds. It was down to one. After two more sessions, Neasa suggested some emotion was ‘holding’ onto the ache. As we tapped, the memory of my accident returned and the fear i’d experienced at that moment. We tapped on the fear of finding myself back in that place of pain, and the sciatica is completely gone since. I realised that when the sciatica started, i’d been asked to do a lifting job, and was afraid my back would go out, so before I even did the job, sciatica kicked in to ‘save’ me. My sciatica is gone, along with all medication. How’s that!


Sleeplessness. One treatment Clodagh. 21.11.’08

Just wanted to let you know I’ve been sleeping like a log all week! Thanks again for the EFT session.