Walking through the late evening streets of Cork city in the ‘Silly Season’ I was struck by the polar opposites of revelry, food and drink that spilled onto the streets hitting the same pavement where our fellow human beings lay, bedding down under the starry skies of Cork.  I thought of the waste of our hard-earned cash splurging on unwanted gifts for those who have more than they can ever consume in one lifetime.

A few weeks ago I met Melanie, 7pm, CORK CITY, FRIDAY: Speaking to this lovely English lady, forced to live in a public toilet, a guy carrying a yukka plant, lunged toward us, claiming “This is my city”.  “Is she still in there?  Get out, go back where you belong”.  My friend and I stood in the doorway between him and her as he aggressed in our faces.  His militant anger intensified like a weapon of control trying to prevent us having our say.  It reminded me of the unleashing of Pandora’s box, so delicately depicted in John Denver’s powerful poem ‘THE BOX’.  See Below.

Melanie is Me, Melanie is You, and WE the people have the power within us to make our cities hate-free zones, because it is MY city too.

Today I saw this group on Facebook, with a commanding video from (six-time Academy Award nominee) Irish film director Jim Sheridan.  It informs us that there are 6,525 of our very own people, adults and children, people like you and me; humans with emotions – dignity & defeat – who will sleep under the bitter Irish skies this winter.  Irish people are taking back their power and kicking into action in a Human-Rights solution to end HOMELESSNESS.

What if our New Year resolution is to look outside of ourselves for 2017 in spreading a ‘New World Virus’; one of Kindness, Sharing, Humility?  In acknowledgement that You and I are merely a few paychecks away from same Let us say “There but for the grace of God go I”.  I wish you all a very peaceful season.

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Neasa De Baroid is a singer, performer and an EFT Practitioner in Cork City

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