Health Zone Presentation
This Thursday, 17th November 2016
Time: 7.30pm sharp

Next Thursday night at The Health ZoneI will speak about the benefits of combining modern psychology with ancient Eastern acupressure to pull the clouds back off the subconscious.

My psychology training always left me feeling like something was missing in guiding people to heal. Traditional psychology treats a specific event as the cause of our problem or unwanted behaviour.

EFT however sees an additional step between cause and response. It looks to how we download emotions into our energy body in response to this specific event. EFT treats the downloaded emotion stuck in the body, rather than just the story of an event. In EFT, we stimulate the energy body through tapping acupressure points in order to clear the emotions that are trapped in our cells.

The big bonus is that I will teach you the simple yet powerful technique of EFT to take home and use on yourself, family and friends.

AND in addition to all this, Astrologer Martha Clarke will talk about how the Astrological House effects your energy levels. Now we could all do with a bit of that with the Super Moon presently hanging ’round with all it’s spiritual meaning. 

Limited places NOW available for this exciting and special event.

You can book your place here:

Looking forward to seeing you!



Neasa De Baroid is a singer, performer and an EFT Practitioner in Cork City

Health Zone Presentation on EFT – Thurs, 17th Nov
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