The lead-up to new year brought to a dear friend of mine a gift of an altogether different kind – information – How the Universe works.  Now, if I’d not heard of this sort of thing before, I’d have considered a breakdown as opposed to a break-through.  But I have this fortunate streak in knowing more than one lucky recipient of such insights.  I believe it will bring comfort to many of you.

Time is linear.  Neither past nor present exists separate from Now.  He equates this to standing in a river, the river bank on either side representing the past and future.  We have the capacity to ‘see’ only about 2% of the 100% that is present therefore humans need the illusion of ‘Time’ to make sense of even some of this.  Metaphorically, he explains how a coin, rolled along the floor of a plane moving 500 miles per hour, appears to our limited vision inside the plane to travel a short distance.  Yet, it has travelled from one city to another.

NOW is all that we have.   The potential for everything already Exists, nothing being out of reach – NOTHING.  What we perceive as the Space around us is not empty, for it is filled with this potential.  Everything around us IS potential.  We influence the space by our input NOW, thereby influencing its potential.  When we change some factor, everything instantly changes in ‘the Space’.  Nothing is stuck in the form as we see it, so our states can change – poverty, illness.  When we change the way we feel, the influence of this changes the whole world, the outcome.

Change our inner State.  Change the potential.  I was curious how EFT therapy then fits into this understanding.  He acknowledges that Therapy and Visualisation change our emotional state in the moment.  By making this change, it changes the potential for everything.  Every creature that enters that space influences the potential with the addition of its energy.  We have the ability to create and Everything is created in the Now.

This resonates with an Epiphany of one of my teachers, a man who was very overweight and had tried for years through many therapies to lose that weight.  During an ‘awakening’ he saw himself as the hub of a ‘cart-wheel’ type structure.  Each spoke represented energy emitted from him, at the end of which lay a different version of him – the fat, the sick, the slim, the successful.  He understood that the outcome was of his own creation, dependent on which option he CHOSE to focus his energy, his thoughts and imaginings.   Our  job is to focus on the specific outcome of our desires, trusting that the Universe is far more eloquent than our efforts in delivering this, usually in ways our greatest imaginings could not conjure up.  We create the outcome by focusing our energy on our desired outcome.  HOW this is to come about is not our job.

NUTSHELL: Our biggest challenge is to disregard our assumed limitations.  All we are asked to contribute is continuously visualising the desired version of ourselves and our lives with unwavering trust.  Let go of the desire to interfere with the Universe’s way of delivering, trusting it knows HOW far better than we do.  And finally, Patience.  It takes time to create our #Greatest Potential!

Epiphany – A Gift from the Universe