I offer EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques Tapping in Cork.  Holding a psychology & sociology degree since 1988, I have a keen insight into what makes people ‘tick’.  I became one of the first advanced Emotional Freedom Techniques therapists in Cork, studying with AAMET in 2008, and I further trained to certification with EFT founder Gary Craig, USA, in 2009.  I have found EFT tapping to be one of the most powerful Self-help Energy Healing tools that I have experienced, both in my own life and with others.


How I Found EFT:

As a professional singer, I became aware that there was much more potential to my voice than I was releasing. I had developed a habit of holding tension, and realised there were underlying reasons holding me back. Having tried many therapies to alleviate stage fright, I discovered EFT Tapping in my search for freedom. I have never looked back, as I uncover greater ability, not just as a Singer, but in so many aspects. As we are all performing in this life in some capacity, I now specialise in Performance Achievement & Performance Anxiety individually or in teams, in schools and in the work place. I also utilise it with fantastic results for physical & emotional illness.


My Certifications: