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My guarantee to you, the client: I’m Neasa. Using Emotional Freedom Techniques in my Cork practise, great care and sensitivity is taken to ensure that your physical & emotional issues are gently dealt with in a safe environment. EFT tapping Cork is highly effective when you feel ‘stuck’, guiding you back to greater health, happiness, relationships and success.

Being a professional singer, performance anxiety, stage fright, exam panic, are areas I have previously experienced and understand personally. More recent work is in conjunction with Ivor Browne, retired Professor of Psychiatry, unveiling underlying causes in clients labelled as clinical depression and bi-polar disorder. See Reviews for other illnesses.

Why come to me: My specialty is accessing core issues fast, often in the first treatment, then working forward from this point to heal the past. ‘Core issue’ refers to the basic cause underlying a condition.
Having guided myself in my own healing, I developed deep intuitive understanding of the patterns that keep people stuck; the cause and solution to your symptoms.

You’re never too far away from me for help, as I offer Skype Treatments, allowing you to partake from the comfort of your own home or to attend in person. “3 Skypes and I beat all opponents in LA Women’s Open qualifiers.”

I’ve also studied NLP, Bio-Energy, Regression therapy, Meditation, Visualisation and, where helpful, I utilise these tools in treatments to enhance positive lasting effect.

Tapping often works where nothing else will. It reveals buried emotions that hold people back. My promise to you is to do all I can to help you arrive at your Greatest Potential.

If you are ready to take the journey within to live fully, I’ll be delighted to hear from you now and support you on that journey. Having difficulty deciding on the next step? Feel free to contact me for advice on +353 (0)87 2535287 or go to my contact page.



May 2015 – Daniel O’ Sullivan:  “I’d like you to know you have been the best, most helpful and most genuinely caring therapist I’ve ever gone to. I’ve attended 6 different clinical psychologists, all of whom, even the better ones, came nowhere near helping me through my emotional stuff to the extent that you did Neasa. Nor were they anywhere near as caring, or available. Thank you”.

March 2015 – Soni – Childhood trauma:  “When you tap on me you have an intuitive understanding of what I felt the moment the trauma happened. You give a voice to feelings I’d no idea how to express – Incredible and truly a gift”

January 2017 – Éimer Godsil – “What an amazing week I am having! Realisation after realisation, a level of happiness, sustained, that I have never experienced before. A glimpse of the person I can be.


**Please Note: about Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT**

Anyone suffering from diagnosed psychiatric disorders, taking psychoactive medication or undergoing treatment with a counsellor, psychologist, psychiatrist, outpatient department should ALWAYS consult with their care providers before starting any new form of treatment.


Fully healed in 4 treatments at EFT Cork

FULL BODY PSORIASIS Permanently healed in 4 treatments
Full body Psoriasis – Click here for more information about Other Illnesses healed by EFT Treatment.

The effectiveness of EFT Treatment

EFT is easy to apply and is non-invasive. “The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system” – Gary Craig, EFT Founder. It no longer takes years to clear out the garbage of the past. With EFT, we re-programme negative messages, that otherwise hold us back from our greatest potential for happiness, health, and success.



Private treatments: €63.00 & Workshops: €43.00:

Call me if you need any help on +353 (0)87 253 5287 or order online now below!

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